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PLACE Check-In Virtual Workshop (2020, November). Virtual discussion on supporting social enterprise during and after the Covid-19 pandemic led by WP7 research team.

Pottie-Sherman, Y. & Christensen, J. (2020, November). Housing, migration, and COVID-19 in Canada. Workshop co-organized for National Conference on Pathways to Prosperity, virtual.

FOCI IWP3 Sustainable Coastal Atlantic Communities Dialogue Session, (2020, October 29-30). Virtual sessions to create a space for FOCI partners and researchers to engage. Results to guide further the development of safe, sustainable and inclusive Atlantic Canadian ocean industries and coastal communities in the face of climate and ocean change.



Community Art Studio Workshop (2022, February 23). Community based art making workshop centered around themes of accessibility, community ties and the local environment organized by IWP4 with Artist and Art Therapist Sandra Hewitt-Parsons (Safe Harbour Expressive Art Therapies) and the Rotary Arts Centre.

Magnum Photos presentation/workshop (2022, November 12) with artists Jim Goldberg and Alessandra Sanguinetti connecting photography students and the broader provincial arts community with celebrated Magnum photographers through expanded and accessible photographic curriculum, programming, and infrastructure across Newfoundland and Labrador. Supported through Scholarship in the Arts and FOCI.  Participants: 30.

PLACE Check-In Virtual Workshop (2021, November 19). Virtual discussion on strategies and lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic led by WP7 research team.

Public art workshop and lecture (2022, October 21) with guest Mi’Kmaw Artist Marcus Gosse. My Spiritual Journey: Haida Gwaii to the Rock. Organized by IWP4 in collaboration with Qalipu First Nation to celebrate and share local Indigenous art practices.

FY2022 -23

PLACE Dialogues Workshop (2022, October 13-15). An initiative of Memorial University researchers (FOCI WP7) and community partners from across Newfoundland and Labrador. The event connects community leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and academics to discuss challenges and opportunities for rural development while building a cross-sector network.

Socials for Justice: Fish & Fisheries Justice (2022, May 10). Collaboration with the Social Justice Co-op of NL. Data collection and engagement event related to work in FOCI WP9.3.


Community Art Studio workshops (2022). Initiative of FOCI IWP4.2, Grenfell Campus, and Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre.  These sessions focus on themes of accessibility, community ties and the local environment and are aimed at welcoming everyone to participate as an artist regardless of age or ability. Six Community Art Studios held to date in 2022 in Corner Brook, St. Anthony and Port Saunders.


Pearson, E. (2022). Searching for Climate Change Solutions in Newfoundland’s Urban Forests. North American Forest Ecology Workshop, June 2024, 2022, Online.


Linking Methods Interdisciplinary Research Methods (2022, May 26-27). Workshop organized by Grenfell Campus InterD Committee, supported by FOCI and other partners. Included involvement of FOCI researchers and students.  FOCI project collaborator, artist and scholar, Dr. Pam Hall, led keynote address (Making methods: protocols and poetics in and around an encyclopedia of local knowledge) and graduate student roundtable.

A Climate-Resilient NL: A Virtual Workshop. Nov. 28-Dec 2. 2022. (included elements of FOCI research Products).,impacts%20on%20communities%20across%20NL.


Presentations, Outreach & Knowledge Mobilization

Christensen, J., Foroutan, M., & Pottie-Sherman, Y.  (2022, March). Presentation of preliminary findings at Atlantic Local Immigration Partnership Learning virtual event.


Community engagement at the “My New St. John’s Live” event at the Farmers’ Market (2021, October), hosted by the Local Immigration Partnership (J. Christensen, M. Foroutan, Y. Pottie-Sherman)


Cobb, Z. & Slawinski, N. (Presenters), Branzei, O. (Host). Presentation on HBS Case Study on Shorefast to Ivey Business Students enrolled in the Ivey Sustainability Certificate Program. Virtual Event.

Slawinski, N., Franklin, R., & Lowery, B. (2021). Community Entrepreneurship in an Age of Disruption: A multi-level process model.  Paper Proposal for Academy of Management Review Idea Development Workshop for the Special Topic Forum “The New Normal: Positive organizational impact in an age of disruption”.

Foley, P. & Prelovec, L. (2021). Safe, sustainable and inclusive coastal communities. Presentation on FOCI project and collaboration with Ocean School & Homarus Inc., Clean Oceans Symposium, February 17, 2021, virtual event.

Fishy Feminist Website (2021). Website produced for FOCI WP9 research collaborative.

National Forum on Coastal Community Resilience: Local Government Initiatives (2022, May 25-26), Virtual Event. Supported with MEOPAR funds. C. Marven participated as event planning member and session moderator; included elements of FOCI research products.


US-Canada Climate & Fisheries Futures Collaborative Workshop I (2021, October 21). Participation by P. Foley & M. Wiber.


US-Canada Climate & Fisheries Futures Collaborative Workshop I (2022, January 12). Participation by M. Wiber.


Virtual Engagement Sessions for HQP

HQP Coffeehouse (2020, October). Virtual session organized by IWP3 for HQP Caucus to promote engagement, share information about research and encourage team building across the project. 

HQP Learning Session 1 (2021, February 10). Virtual session organized by IWP3 for HQP Caucus.  Learning and engagement session with FOCI Core team to discuss project background and objectives. 


FOCI Webinar Workshop Recordings

FOCI Webinar Workshop 1, Foresighting Sustainable Coas​tal Community Infrastructures (IWP1). November 2022. Editing in progress.

FOCI Webinar Workshop 2 , Thinking Futures: How Can We Contribute to Improved Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures? January 2023. Editing in progress.

FOCI Webinar Workshop 3, Leveraging Existing Communities of Practice for FOCI Outreach and Dissemination (IWP2). March 2023.

Future Ocean News 2021 - 24 (ongoing). FOCI project newsletter.  Fifteen editions released to date.


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