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FOCI’s governance framework has been designed to coordinate and integrate the project’s activities and support FOCI’s researchers and partners in their research.



FOCI’s Core Unit holds primary responsibility for leading planning of project implementation, financial management, monitoring project progress, and evaluation. It works closely with the Ocean Frontier Institute offices and other administrative departments at Memorial University and Dalhousie University to manage and implement project activities and ensure compliance with funding guidelines. The Core Unit is also responsible for coordinating reporting, overseeing data management, as well as supporting and facilitating communications and outreach within the FOCI Consortium, with project stakeholders and the wider public.

FOCI’s Core Unit is composed of:


  • Paul Foley, FOCI Co-Principal Investigator

  • Lorenzo Moro, FOCI Co-Principal Investigator

  • MacKenzie Young, Project Manager

  • Sheridan Thompson, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator



The FOCI Program Committee is comprised of the project work package leaders and is co-chaired by FOCI’s co-principal investigators. The committee provides a forum to review progress towards overall program objectives and milestones, discuss challenges, consult on program adjustments, and develop strategies to enhance integration, engagement and research dissemination.


Program Committee Members


  • Paul Foley (Co-Chair), Memorial University, School of Science and the Environment, Environmental Policy Institute, Grenfell Campus

  • Lorenzo Moro (Co-Chair), Memorial University, Department of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering

  • Robert Brown, Memorial University, Marine Institute

  • Kim Cullen, Memorial University, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

  • Joel Finnis, Memorial University, Department of Geography

  • Karen Foster, Dalhousie University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

  • Max Liboiron, Memorial University, Department of Geography

  • Barbara Neis, Memorial University, Department of Sociology

  • Nicole Power, Memorial University, Department of Sociology

  • Howard Ramos, Western University, Department of Sociology

  • Natalie Slawinski, University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business

  • Robert Stephenson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and University of New Brunswick

  • Mark Stoddart, Memorial University, Department of Sociology



The FOCI Advisory Committee brings together diverse experiences and perspectives from senior researchers in different disciplines and external stakeholders. The committee’s role is to monitor FOCI’s progress towards overall objectives and provide guidance to strengthen FOCI research, partnerships, engagement, EDI, knowledge mobilization, and research impacts. Recommendations from the Advisory Committee are shared with the FOCI Core Unit and Program Committee.


Advisory Committee Members


  • Barbara Neis (Chair), Memorial University

  • Brian Veitch, Memorial University

  • Robert Stephenson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada & University of New Brunswick

  • Robert Mellin, McGill University

  • Philip Strong, Government of Newfoundland, Disability Policy Office


FOCI Governance Model
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