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There is a fishing stage situated on calm water. Sheds line up along the stage, with fishing boats in the water.


Building on work done within and outside OFI, FOCI is achieving its objectives by carrying out a rich program of research, training and engagement organized into nine Work Packages (WPs), each clustered under one of the three core themes of safety, sustainability and inclusion. Four additional integration work packages (IWPs) are playing a key role in integrating findings across work packages and support wider and deeper public engagement with this collaborative, full-spectrum infrastructure regeneration/design/adaptation process. This is happening within  WPs through partner engagement with the research. Findings from WPs are also informing focused dialogues and the engagement of diverse public and Indigenous groups in the regeneration/design/adaptation of infrastructures through not only the co-design of research but also art, theatre, music, film/video and puppetry.

A sustainability logo of a simplified cartoon version of the planet Earth, with blue water and green land.

Infrastructure designs that contribute to full spectrum sustainability for coastal communities

A safety logo of a simplified cartoon image of a lighthouse with the colours of blue and read.

Designing safer maritime and coastal infrastructures for Atlantic Canada

An inclusion logo of a simplified cartoon image of people standing together within a circle.

Ensuring infrastructure designs that support inclusion, social justice, and equity

An integration logo of a simplified cartoon image of a lightbulb divided into four puzzle pieces of various colours including red, blue, turquoise and yellow.

Supporting integration and knowledge mobilization between stakeholders

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