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LET'S TALK Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures



The Let's Talk workshop series aims to enhance the profile, reach and impact of FOCI research through knowledge mobilization presentations, discussion and activities. Each workshop will be led by FOCI researchers. They will reflect on key findings in their research related to project objectives and address how their research can enhance efforts to better understand, design, develop and manage diverse infrastructures in ways that are more sustainable, safe and inclusive for coastal communities and ocean industries challenged by ocean, climate and social change. The series will inform and advance efforts to document, synthesize and communicate lessons learned from FOCI as a whole.

Event details

Date & Time: November 2022 - February 2025

Location: Zoom, Webex or Hybrid

LET'S TALK FOCI Webinar Workshop 5

Title HQP Seminar: Alternative Ways of Presenting Research


Host: Cindy Marven & Sheridan Thompson

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

730am PT / 1030 am ET / 1130 pm AT / 12 pm NT

Location: Online platform Kumospace

Poster Let's Talk Webinar 5_edited.jpg


LET'S TALK FOCI Webinar Workshop 4

Title Building, Sustaining, and Navigating Community - University Partnerships: Reflections from WP7

Presenters: Natalie Slawinski (Moderator), Joan Cranston, Pedram Pourasgari, Bruna Brito Jennifer Brenton, Ario Seto, and Marie Louis Aastrup

Host: Sheridan Thompson

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

8am PT / 11 am ET / 12 pm AT / 12:30 pm NT

Location: Online with Webex

Let's Talk Webinar 4.png


LET'S TALK FOCI Webinar Workshop 3 

Title Coastal Risk Communication and Community Resilience: Exchanging Knowledge and Building Connections through Existing Communities of Practice

Presenters: Dr. Joel Finnis, Cindy Marven, and Shaieree Cottar

Host/Moderator: Sheridan Thompson

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

8am PT / 11 am ET / 12 pm AT / 12:30 pm NT

Location: Online with Webex



LET'S TALK FOCI Webinar Workshop 2 

Title Thinking Futures: How Can We Contribute to Improved Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures?

Presenter: Dr. Robert Stephenson

Discussants: Dr. Umme Kuslum and Dr. Marloes Kraan

Host/Moderator: Sheridan Thompson

Date & Time: January 18th , 2023 12 - 1:30  pm NT

Location: Online with Webex

Let's Talk Webinar 2.png


LET'S TALK FOCI Webinar Workshop 1

Title Identifying Human-Built, Environmental and Societal Infrastructures for Ocean Futures

Presenter: Dr. Paul Foley

Panelists: PhD Candidate Ajith Raj and Dr. Christine Knott

Host/Moderator: Sheridan Thompson

Date & Time: November 30th , 2022 12 - 1:30  pm NT

Location: Hybrid, Zoom/in-person

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