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There is a rocky coast in the foreground with an ocean covered with sea-ice in the background. The sky is clean and the sun is low in the sky. Photograph by Ritche Perez.

Photo by Ritche Perez


Designing, safe, sustainable and inclusive coastal communities & industries for Atlantic Canada

Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures (FOCI) is a collaborative research project with the overall objective to identify and address diverse infrastructure needs, problems and opportunities in support of sustainable, safe and inclusive coastal communities and ocean industries in Atlantic Canada. Supported primarily by the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), FOCI brings together academic, government, business, non-profit, and Indigenous community partners focused on understanding key aspects of ocean and ecosystem change and developing strategic and effective solutions that can be applied both locally and globally.

Logo with number 65 representing FOCI team members.

Researchers and collaborators from 34 engineering, natural science, social science and artistic disciplines

Logo with number 90 representing FOCI partners.

Local, regional, national and international partners and collaborators from Indigenous communities, industry, government and civil society

Logo with number 13 representing FOCI research work packages.

Research Work Packages clustered under themes of safety, sustainability, inclusion and integration

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