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Louise Moyes

Collaborator (IWP4)

Louise Moyes is a St. John’s-based dancer and storyteller who mesmerizes audiences with her captivating Docudances: multidisciplinary and often bilingual shows and films, where the rhythms of voices become her musical score.

Combining her talents as a dancer, storyteller, filmmaker, and sociologist, Louise's artistic explorations take us on incredible journeys. She draws inspiration from various aspects of life, including her heartwarming connection with her dog in "My Secret Pig," the similarities between Québécois and Newfoundlanders, the Newfoundland and Labrador fishers, and the musical journey of Franco-Acadian NL musician Florence Leprieur.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Louise received the prestigious Canada Council for the Arts Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for Innovation in Dance in 2016, coinciding with her Docudance company's 25th anniversary.

Louise collaborated with Robert Chafe, Nancy Dahn, and Timothy Steeves in the on stage production, Taking on Water, contributing her skills in acting, dancing and choreography.

Louise Moyes
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