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Priscilla Antwi

Master's Student (WP5)

I am a dedicated and motivated master’s student pursuing a Master of Arts in Environmental Policy at the Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Development with Sociology from the University of Ghana. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Geography and Resource Development in pursuit of my academic goal of becoming a renowned researcher. In addition to my academic pursuit, I have demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills by working as a Research Assistant for Non-Governmental Organizations such as Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and Participatory Development Associates (PDA) in Ghana. These experiences helped me gain research skills in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and improve my problem-solving skills.

My research interests include fishery resource management, climate change, migration studies, women’s and gender studies, and coastal vulnerabilities. My research with FOCI will focus on the following areas, women empowerment in lobster fisheries, climate change adaptation, coastal vulnerabilities, and marine fishery resource management.

Priscilla Antwi
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