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Priscilla Antwi

Master's Student (WP5)

Priscilla Antwi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Development with Sociology from the University of Ghana and currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Environmental Policy at the Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. Understudying lecturers, as a Teaching assistant, at the Department of Geography and Resource Development at the University of Ghana and working as a Research Assistant for Non-Governmental Organizations such as Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and Participatory Development Associates (PDA) in Ghana heightened my already existing passion for advanced research and teaching. This experience, coupled with industry knowledge and other experiences improved my research skills and expanded my data analysis toolkit.

Working with FOCI’s WP5 – ‘Building collaborative interdisciplinary research infrastructure in Atlantic Canada’s lobster fisheries’, my research is centered on women's empowerment in lobster fisheries, climate change adaptation, and coastal vulnerabilities, all aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the Atlantic Canada lobster fisheries.

Priscilla Antwi
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