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Robert Ndum

Research Assistant (WP8)

Robert Ndum is a Graduate student in the Faculty of Medicine under the Division of Community Health and Humanities, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Robert completed his Undergraduate in Physiology in Nigeria and is distinctly among the first generation Bachelor’s degree holders in his family.

Upon completion of his Undergraduate, Robert spent about 2 years working as Lab assistant in a Hospital setting. While engaged as Lab assistant, Robert realized so many gaps and lacuna at organizational levels and in the workplace; and the need for a safe and healthy working environment, and was driven towards Public health systems and policies that support work safety and work-related injury. This drive Robert shares was further informed after he lost his Uncle who was an Oncologist to Cancer.

Robert research interests are in the areas of Organizational Health and Safety; Implementation of Public health systems and Policies; and Cancer.

Robert works as Research Assistant under Dr Kim Cullen in the SafetyNet Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research and is currently conducting research on “Return to Work after work injury or illness: Challenges for the Marine and Coastal workers in Atlantic Canada”. Through this research Robert is passionate in conducting comprehensive literature reviews; preparing research reports, manuscripts and publications and in the long-run towards actively addressing key challenges for marine and coastal workers in Atlantic Canada particularly access to Health-care and Insurance.

Robert Ndum
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