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Taking on Water Project

Southern Shore Interviews.

Doran, B. (Director/Producer), Chafe, R. (Playwright), McIntosh, J. (Playwright) & Neis, B. (2022). Living on the Edge [Video – Demo Film]. Teaser film developed about ocean change and coastal community sustainability which will be used to seek web-streaming/broadcast license and additional funding for full-length documentary.

Peters, R. Taking on Water (Wonder, Taking on Water, Kraken). Musical score developed for FOCI IWP4 performance.

Chafe, R. Taking on Water. Script developed for FOCI IWP4 performance.

Taking on Water St. John's Performances August 2023. Chafe, Moyes, Peter, Nancy.


Taking on Water Newfoundland and Labrador September Tour (ACCs & other venues x 13); school performances & workshops (x 10). Chafe, Moyes, Peter, Nancy.

Melody and the Fishes Project

King-Campbell, S. Melody and the fishes. Script [in progress] for FOCI IWP4 performance.

Melody and the Fishes puppet production under development, featuring original script and puppets. School tour will take place in 2024.

Gros Morne Puppetry

Lane, D. (2022). Gros Morne Puppetry Workshop

Lane, D. (2022). Gros Morne Puppetry Workshop — Artistic infrastructure for navigating ocean and coastal change [Film].

PULP Student Art Gallery Exhibitions and Programming


​​​Soft.Power (July-August 2021) displayed on the exterior of Swirsky’s on Broadway. The show explored the idea that the coastal areas can be both soft and powerful, depending on the weather, tides and sea state. This exhibition examines this dichotomy as it relates to the ocean and its impact on coastal areas and communities including Indigenous perspectives, shared public spaces, and transportation links.


Picturing Community (July 2021-April 2022) is a public exhibition displayed on the exterior of Corner Brook City Hall and the Corner Brook Public Library of photographic portraits depicting the residents and spaces at Western Health’s Long Term Care Home in Corner Brook. The project fostered community connections and explored the theme of community-based infrastructures.

Pilgrim, R. (Director), Green. K. (Editor), Wilton, G. (Sound Recording). (2023). Place-Based Solutions in a Challenged World: The Role of Social Enterprises and Communities [Film].

Hosted a series of community art studio / art hive workshops in Corner Brook and Northern Peninsula, engaging local community members, artists, etc.

3 week artist residency with Lou Sheppard hosted at BBARS and Grenfell Campus & Extended Site field course (description attached for background).


Documentary in development -  exploring how artistic process can contribute to our collective engagement with the effects of ocean and coastal community change.

Exploring Arts Role in Sustainability Transition workshop – organized by Grenfell Campus; supported by multiple units, FOCI.  Goal was to imagine how art can support transformational thinking and increase sustainability in Western Newfoundland; a coastal region.



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